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Schedule Risk Assessments

In today’s environment, a key success factor for most programs is the ability to identify and manage risk and its impact on program execution. At Intra Management Solutions, we specialize in helping our customers identify the risk, quantify the impacts to program performance, and develop mitigation and contingency plans to retire the risk. We also perform Monte Carlo Simulations of the program cost and schedule to provide our customers with predictions of program completion performance at each stage of development.

We have developed a partnership with Barbecana, maximizing our ability to provide Risk Analysis using their Full Monte Risk Analysis tool on large-scale programs and program control platforms such as Primavera P6. We also provide training to enable our customers to perform the risk analysis on an as-needed basis.

Recently, we performed an independent cost and schedule risk analysis for one of our customers using Palisade @Risk7, expanding our capability to perform risk analysis on Microsoft Project platforms.

Schedule Health Assessments

At the beginning of a program, and at each critical stage, it is vital that the schedule is evaluated to ensure that it remains accurate, logical, well-linked, and flexible in the event of issues in the remaining work. At Intra Management, we have developed expertise in performing Independent Health Assessments to provide our customers with the assurance that their schedule represents a realistic, executable and manageable tool.