Project Scheduling Services

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The Intra Management Solutions team has real-world scheduling experience with small and large complex projects.  Our team understands the intricacies scheduling can have and knows the best practices needed to complete a successful project. Our experts will apply the right methodology needed for your project, whether it’s a construction, development or production.


Our project schedulers will help break down your work scope into a fully integrated schedule.  We’ll ensure that you have the appropriate vertical and horizontal integration needed to establish an Integrated Master Schedule (IMS). We’ll also support its integration into an Integrated Master Plan (IMP) if your contract requires it. Once your project is baselined, we’ll stay as long as you need us to help status and maintain the schedule.  We’ll support you in ensuring your contract changes are incorporated and your schedule reporting is on target.

User Support and Training

As an added benefit to our customers, Intra Management Solutions will continue to support your project well after the initial baseline is established.  During our time on-site, our schedulers can work with your resources on short working sessions or training to ensure they understand the best practices needed for success.