Effective program planning & controls.
Bringing improved project planning and control techniques that result in long term success

We understand that having an effective project management team can be a challenge. Our team of seasoned experts will offer deep knowledge, extensive experience, and lessons learned from implementing large complex projects. We will help develop end-to-end solutions and execute a comprehensive implementation strategy. Our goal is to build a partnership you can trust.



Latest News

Baseline Management Part I: The Contract Baseline

In the last article, we discussed the importance of Baseline Management and Change Control in Earned Value Management on programs and projects. We also listed the key elements of Baseline Management and Change Control.  Because this is so critical to achieving strong performance, the upcoming articles will go a little…

Baseline Management and Change Control: A Performance Imperative

The implementation of Earned Value Management in today’s enterprises is enabling program and project leaders to measure the performance of a program at a high degree of granularity. Yet still we see too many programs and projects spiral out of control due to external forces and supporting processes that are…

Risk Control: Program Manager’s Perspective

In last month’s article, we described the importance and benefits of performing risk analysis on the schedule, and as such, the cost of a program. This enables a Program Management team to foresee the best and worst case cost and schedule impacts that could occur if the risks are realized…

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