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Intra Management promises to stand by our customers to ensure your project success.

Intra Management Solutions (IMS) was founded in an effort to bring all the knowledge and expertise of large complex project management to every project and every client. Our team believes that a large amount of value can be created by applying the lessons learned from large complex projects and implementing the most effective tools and techniques into your business. IMS is ready to big enormous benefits to your project.

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The implementation of Earned Value Management in today’s enterprises is enabling program and project leaders to measure the performance of a program at a high degree of granularity. Yet still we see too many programs and projects spiral out of control due to external forces and supporting processes that are…

Risk Control: Program Manager’s Perspective

In last month’s article, we described the importance and benefits of performing risk analysis on the schedule, and as such, the cost of a program. This enables a Program Management team to foresee the best and worst case cost and schedule impacts that could occur if the risks are realized…

The Benefits of Schedule Risk Analysis

There are many programs in the aerospace & defense industry that do not conduct a schedule risk analysis(SRA). They believe that they are able to adequately forecast their schedule dates without any need for a statistical analysis. Although they may be correct some of the time, they are never correct…

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